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International Competition 3

26/10 - 21.00 Slottsbiografen
28/10 - 15.00 Slottsbiografen
30/10 - 13.00 Slottsbiografen

Return To Roscoff

Gayle suffered an accident and lost her ability to speak. This is the story of Gayle’s attempt to introduce her son to his father. But her problem to communicate makes the relation to her surroundings difficult.

IRELAND 2010. Fiction. English dialogue, no subtitles. 15 min. DIRECTION/SCRIPT: Ken Wardrop PHOTOGRAPHY: Kate McCullough PRODUCTION: Andrew Freedman. Ken Wardrop has made several short films and recently finished his first feature film. This year the festival presents a retrospective of his works, see page XXX.

a shout - to touch - the silence

This movie is compiled from television archives and handles Finland after the school killings. One cannot change what has happened. One must face the pain. Beauty is to scream, to be quiet and to be touched.

FINLAND 2009. Experimental. No dialogue. 3 min. DIRECTION/SCRIPT: Anna Nykyri PRODUCTION: Maija Hirvonen, Suomi Post Mortem working group. Anna Nykyri, b 1981, is a second year MA student at the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki.

Viki Ficki

Being only 11 years old, Viki has to withstand the extraordinary lifestyle of her mother, who has a very unusual job. Furthermore, Viki has to face the challenge of presenting this job to her classmates.

GERMANY 2010. Fiction. German dialogue, English subtitles. 18 min. DIRECTION/SCRIPT: Natalie Spinell SCRIPT/PHOTOGRAPHY: Jenny Bräuer PRODUCTION: Christina Christ. Natalie Spinell, b 1982, is an actor and a director. She studies directing at HFF MÃ&frac;nchen. SELECTED FILMOGRAPHY: 2008: Spielchen 2007: GekÃ&frac;sst

The Last Rites

The film depicts the ship breaking yards of Chittagong, a final destination for ships that are too old to ply the oceans. To save themselves from hunger, loads of people keep on coming to these yards in search for jobs.

BANGLADESH 2008. Documentary. No dialogue. 17 min. DIRECTION/PHOTOGRAPHY/PRODUCTION: Yasmine Kabir. Yasmine Kabir is an independent filmmaker based in Bangladesh. SELECTED FILMOGRAPHY: 2003: A Certain Liberation 2000: My Migrant Soul 1999: A Mother’s Lament


Miina, a seemingly well-off woman, is caught shoplifting, and the police officer decides to teach her a lesson. By chance, the two meet again, but now the antagonists have to become partners in crime.

ESTONIA 2010. Fiction. Estonian dialogue, English subtitles. 15 min. DIRECTION/SCRIPT: Anu Aun PHOTOGRAPHY: Mart Taniel PRODUCTION: Margo Siimon, Laura Talvet. Anu Aun, b 1980, graduated in Film Directing at Tallinn University. Aun has made several short films and documentaries, and has been awarded a scholarship to develop her first feature film. SELECTED FILMOGRAPHY: 2007: Indigo Room 2005: Domestic Affairs 2001: In Good Hands

For You I Will Fight

A young woman is in an existential impasse. She decides to join the army, where she finds commitment and meaning.

BELGIUM 2010. Fiction. French dialogue, English subtitles. 21 min. DIRECTION/SCRIPT: Rachel Lang PHOTOGRAPHY: Fiona Brallion PRODUCTION: IAD MEDIA- DIFFUSION. Rachel Lang, b 1984, studied Philosophy and Theatre in France before going to IAD, a cinema scool in Belgium. Pour toi je ferai bataille is her graduation film.

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